December 8

20% Accomplishments

We have accomplished a lot! We got our email sent, bake stuff, money. A lot more too. We feel great! a lot has been done and we are almost ready for a bake sale! I´m so exited!! Every month we will do one and restock on a bunch of baking supplies. I already have 9 boxes of cake batter. Which helps A LOT. We do need frosting and cupcake cups. I have pretzels, we also need chocolate meant for melting onto things. We asked my grandpa to do this at his car wash and he agreed. We know where our Ronald McDonald house is located.

Cup Cakes aus PorzellanCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

We are super exited for our first sale. Ronald McDonald’s list is HUGE!! We will do about 5 bake sales total. I think we will raise about 50-100 on each sale we do. Those are our 20% accomplishments.

December 6

Good Old Favorites

Creative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

I love Music. Music helps me concentrate and makes me feel better in cloudy times. My favorite song would have to be Eyes Of The Storm    (go check it out!) It is very inspirational. It is about fighting for what you love and finding your strength inside.Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones I love it so much! Music just helps me feel better. I could lay on my bed, close my eyes, and listen to songs until I fall asleep. I even loved music as a kid!i obviously listened to little kid songs like, If Your Happy And You Know It Clap You Hands! But I still loved it like a teddy bear!


My second favorite song is Last Christmas.  It fills me like a jar with the Christmas spirit. I always want to dance in my favorite Christmas hat. This is great because Christmas is right around the corner!! This song is obviously about Christmas and Love. But its one of my personal favorites. I play it on alexa at least 500 times every Christmas. Maybe more!


My third favorite song is Sorry Not Sorry.  I like this song because of its beat and tempo. It makes me want to dance like Last Christmas. It´s also funny at the end too. She does curse. But you can search a clean version. The police come to shut down the party they were having. Demi Lovato says into a microphone.¨The police are here to shut us down but who gives a …..!¨ as they pull out handcuffs she then says, ¨I´m just kidding totally  respect the police!¨ that was obviously a skit but to me it was funny! These are three paragraphs on my three favorite songs and why i absolutely L O V E them. Bye!!! See you next blog!!!

December 4

Homes For Hearts

2015~134 Phoenix OOCL via Compfight

Our project is raising money with a bake sale for the Ronald McDonald House Foundation (RMCH).

My partner’s name is Olivia, and I am Abby. We noticed how many families suffer the hour long drives to get to hospitals for their poor sick children. So we decided, Hey! Why not help out Ronald McDonald House give families what they need? What the heck is Ronald McDonald House? I am sure your asking, well Ronald McDonald House is a place that helps those families by making food for them and giving them homes right next to a hospital.

Their list for things they need is HUGE!! So we are going to do a bake sale at our local car wash, we are going to sell things like Hot chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, etc. RMCH needs things like, laundry detergent, Cereal, pretzels, chips, ETC

We will have our bake sales once a month, first in December,  then January, February, just a chain of months, our last one will be in March, After that we will have a bit of time, that will me used fore getting  the supplies and donating. Depends on how much money we have, no matter how much we get, we bless the families and the sick ones to live a happy life! That is our 20% project

See my Visual Aide for more information.