September 27

My Passion!!

Free Abstract Worship Backgrounds Sapphire Dream Photography via Compfight

My passion is art! Its been my passion ever since I was 2. From scribbles to sticks to amazing art. I enjoy animating for my YouTube channel. It has 112 subscribers. My favorite thing to draw is my character named Chizi.  Chizi is a boy. He is also a fusion of a cat, dog, and wolf. My second favorite thing to draw is dragons, and my favorite Netflix series called  Little Witch Academy. I don´t really have a third favorite. if i did. It would probably be anything else.

I never paint. Its my least favorite. To me, its bad because your paint just goes everywhere. I stick with digital (computer) art, and pencil art. Although I have painted before. I compared it to the same drawing in pencil. And the pencil looked much MUCH better. So i decided to stick with that. But still. Art is an amazing subject! Even if you are bad OR good!